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How easy or difficult is taking your business online

Let's talk about the process of going online, the different parts associated with it and how easy or difficult they are.

Last Modified: 11th Feb, 2022

Everyone knows that they need to take their business online. It’s not even an option to delay it anymore. What happened because of this urgent need is that there is a flood of information floating around on the internet about how to do it. And honestly speaking going online is not as easy as it seems in the advertisements. 

You can easily register on any ecommerce platform, just enter your email, set a password, provide your organisation name and you are on. If you went for a full blown solution then there are thousands of options and settings when you enter your dashboard. And if you are new to e-commerce you don’t even understand what those options will do for you. It’s like you are given a spaceship to operate. Running a business online is in reality somewhat like operating a spaceship because there are so many moving parts to it.

Now let's assume you got hold of the dashboard, then you realise that to just get started, you have to get the logo designed, your online store home page banners designed, product images, product descriptions, linking your account with payment gateway to receive payouts for online payments, getting your warehouse address registered with delivery partners, there are documents needed and lot of work that needs to be done to finally launch your online store. So it is important to have realistic expectations.

But the good news is that once you are past the setup process it starts to feel much easier on a day to day basis. Infact much much easier than the offline business that you have been doing. Filing returns, tracking inventory, managing payments and expenses, deriving insights from your customer data. Everything is a cake walk after that. The only condition to reach that stage is you have to go through the setup part very meticulously. Then you will be able to see what technology can do for your business. 

The quote that “There is no shortcut to success” applies here as well. Do the hard work and patiently complete the process. The magnitude of your success depends on how well you set up and use the tools that ecommerce platforms provide.

And by the way if you need any help in getting started with your online journey, we are there to help you. Just drop us a message at support@opmiz.com. Our ecommerce solution Opmiz is built keeping in mind all the challenges faced by business owners and entrepreneurs. We offer assisted setup and support services for as many months you need and after that you can continue on your own. 

If you need a custom ecommerce solution then also we can talk. We have been developing end to end solutions for our clients from around the world, we can do it for you as well.

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