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Why Opmiz?

Who should use Opmiz and why? This article addresses this critical question in the form of a story.

Last Modified: 20th Apr, 2022

Imagine there is a carpenter named Murli, who lives in a small town. He has been making furnitures in his small shop for the last 10 years and has become really good at it. His customers always come back for more due to his craftsmanship.

One day he hired a helper, which helped him make more furnitures in lesser time. This doubled his income in just two months. He realised that he can hire more people under him but he was skeptical to take that step due to two reasons mainly:

  1. there was not much growth potential for orders within that small town.
  2. the recent increase in orders meant more time was consumed in managing delivery, payments and inventory levels of his raw and finished products, rather than focusing on making good quality furnitures.

So he dropped the plan of further expansion. One fine day his friend Amit came to visit him, who was running a grocery store in the neighbourhood. Amit had been using Opmiz for his grocerry shop for accepting online orders from nearby areas for the last one year. He told Murli about about Opmiz and how it helped him serve his customers better by providing easy method to order items from his store while keeping track of stock levels of each items at his fingertips. 

The same night Murli registered on opmiz.com and started his digital journey.

  • he added all the basic details like his business name, address, phone number etc
  • he added all the prodcts that he makes along with respective price, product images and product descriptions
  • he bought a domain name called murlifurnitures.com from bigrock.in and linked it with the e-commerce website he got with Opmiz account
  • he already had a Paytm account so he just selected Paytm for accepting online payments on his ecommerce website
  • he also created an Instagram account and a Facebook account 
  • he started promoting his products by posting pictures of his furnitures and sharing link to the product pages on his social media

Soon people started coming to his online store murlifunitures.com from his social media posts as well as through google search. He was now able to share his online store links on whatsaap to his prospective customers so that they can view product images and videos and also product specifications.

This increased his orders from not just his own town but also from across the country and he was able to hire more people under him. His business grew and managing the increased business was easy for him beause every order was in the system with updated status. He could easily see what all products are selling the most and how many of each type of furniture is there in the stock. He was also able to see all the payments. He was able to ship his furnitures to different cities thanks to the shipping partner integration within Opmiz. All he needed was to mark an order ready for shipping in Opmiz order dashboard whenever an order was packed and ready for pickup.

Because his furnitures were very good in quality and looks, his customers in different cities shared his website with their friends and his orders increased further. His business is now setup in such a way that he just need to look after the quality of his products and every other process has been simplified and optimized by Opmiz.

If you are good with your craft this can be your story as well. Whether you are a fashion designer or a painter or a bakery, all that matters is how good are you with your craft. For rest of the business processes you have Opmiz.

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